Breakfast & Lunch

Group of students posing in class

Breakfast & Lunch Program

Breakfast is served daily in the lunchroom beginning at 8 a.m., for middle school students and elementary students. There is no charge to students for breakfast or lunch this year. Hot lunch is served daily. Milk may be purchased separately. Parents are encouraged to create an account to pay for extra meals or milk online or the link is available through Parent Portal. Monthly menus can be found in the weekly emails and the Slavens app.

Learn more information regarding DPS lunch policies.

Learn more information regarding DPS dietary restrictions policy.

Nut Policy

Slavens Elementary recognizes that food allergies can be life threatening. The number of children that have a food allergy is a staggering 1 in 13 and 16-18% of children with food allergies have had a reaction at school. In the U.S, fatal or near fatal reactions are most often caused by peanuts and tree nuts.

At Slavens, the safety of our children is of upmost importance. Because of the rising number of children with food allergies, and the severity of the allergic reaction to peanuts and tree nuts, Slavens is implementing the following Nut Policy effective August 2016.

Slavens Nut Policy:

We appreciate your support in implementing this new policy and keeping our Slavens food allergic children safe.

Meal Payments

Parents may create an account at to pay for meals online. Breakfast and lunch is free this school year. However, if your child needs a milk with their lunch they brought from home or they would like seconds for lunch there is a cost. Cost for hot lunch is $2.60 for elementary students, $2.75 for middle school students, and $.50 for milk. Learn more about how to pay online through MySchoolBucks.