Students in class

Denver Public Schools uses a system which includes boundaries and enrollment zones; the system assigns students to a ‘neighborhood’ school based on your home address. Slavens Elementary (grades Kindergarten-5) is a neighborhood school. If you move into or reside in the Slavens boundary, your elementary-aged child is guaranteed enrollment in our school. We also give higher priority to siblings of current Slavens students whenever possible. Verify your assigned neighborhood school, enter your address in the School Finder tool. You should see an orange box that says, “This is your neighborhood school,” with a list of other DPS schools that are geographically nearby. If you do not see any orange box, you are outside of the DPS district; the correct district will be indicated at the top of the page.

Slavens Middle School (grades 6-8) is 100% Choice; residency in the neighborhood does not guarantee enrollment. Top priority during the Choice process is given to students who are currently enrolled in 5th grade at Slavens.

Proof of Address is required for enrollment. Acceptable forms of proof include a copy of a Purchase Contract (with possession or closing date), a Warranty Deed or Bill of Sale, Property Rental or Lease Agreement, a utility bill (such as Xcel or Denver Water) which must include the service address and parent/guardian name, or a Denver County tax bill for the current year.  

If you end up renting or leasing outside of the Slavens boundary, you can apply through SchoolChoice. However, due to our current 2021-22 enrollment, it is highly unlikely that we will have open seats available for Choice. You are still strongly encouraged to apply so that you will be placed on the waitlist.

There is a virtual tour available on our website Slavens Virtual Tour. In person tours will be led by parent volunteers and will be focused on grades K-5, with a brief visit to the middle school. If you are interested in a school tour please refer to this page.

We do not offer tours for the middle school.

Enrollment and Registration

If you are new to the Slavens boundary, you will need to complete a SchoolChoice application and include proof of address and proof of birth. The registrar will process the application to create a student record with an assigned DPS Student ID number. Student immunization records will also need to be provided to the school office for students who are new to the district or moving from out of state. Call the school for more details.