Special Programs

Students with instruments

Student Intervention Team (S.I.T.) The purpose of this team is to learn about and provide support for a student’s strengths and challenges, including academically and behaviorally. Members of the S.I.T team serve as resources to the classroom teacher. The group generates a menu of interventions to support the student’s success in the classroom. S.I.T. meetings are NOT a pre-referral to special education. Parents are active participants in this process.

Special Education An array of support is available to students at Slavens, including a school nurse, psychologist, and social worker. Special Education services are also available to students with special education needs or identified disabilities. Slavens has two Special Education teachers, a Speech/Language specialist and, as needed, an Occupational/Physical Therapist.

Gifted and Talented (G.T.) Slavens has a full-time Gifted and Talented teacher who collaborates with classroom teachers to program effectively for students’ individual needs. Advanced Learning Plans are created for students who are identified as Gifted and Talented with goals that are developed with input from students, teachers, and parents. We offer differentiation and choice within the classroom when needed, pull-out advanced groups, and extra curricular academic challenge opportunities such as Math Olympiad, Brain Bowl, Semantics Team, and Destination Imagination (provided we have team managers). Learn more information.